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DIY Photo Booth

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DIY Photo Booth Using Sparkbooth
I started this project for a kids church event.  Then people saw it and wanted to rent it so now among friends and family it gets moved around and has seen a lot of smiles.  Add some […]

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The Value of a Facebook Fan

Here’s a great infographic I came across today on yopps.com. This really sums up where the value is, and isn’t when it comes to your fans.

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Dynamic Sidebar Widget Plugin

I found a great plugin I use all the time for managing widgets with almost unlimited control. The plugin is called “Dynamic Widgets” and I’m using the latest Version 1.5.0 now. Author: Qurl

I use it to control exactly where my sidebar and sometimes footer widgets are displayed and it works on any theme.
Search for the […]

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Cufon Fonts Disappear on Coffee Junkie Theme

I had some trouble with the cufon fonts on the Coffee Junkie theme by www.ilove2design.at.  When opening a lightbox they would appear the first time but not again until i refreshed the page.

The solution:
Open the “jquery.simplemodal.js” file in the js folder and add this line at the very end of the file.


This will refresh the […]

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Top 10 Myths about Social Networking

Top 10 Myths about Social Networking for Business

I hear a lot about Social Networking and it’s really hard to know what to believe.  I think this uncovers a lot of the hype.  Facebook, Twitter, Digg, they all have a place in business but what is it?

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6 Tips for Groupon Success

Groupon.com has become quite a household name.  Just recently Google offered almost 6 billion dollars to buy the company and Groupon rejected the offer, amazing for a company that was started in 2008.

But business owners must decide, Is my business ready to use Groupon.com and as importantly what are the potential challenges with using it […]

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10 reasons your small business should have a blog.

10 reasons your small business should have a blog.

This gives some quick tips on why you need a blog or what you should be using your companies blog for.  More important than just having one is not forgetting the reasons you have it in the first place.

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